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08 Jun 2017

By Gary Zelesky


The power of your 'now'

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In business as in life, people are always looking back to what they once were, what they once accomplished or better yet… what I could have been if things had been different. They look to the past, they talk about the past and they remind others of their past.


Looking to the past is not for those who want to change their now. Not their future but their now. I have grown weary of the endless dialogs about what people used to be or have accomplished.

Too often I have become the verbal hostage as people continue to tell me what they are going to do someday when they have enough time and money. Doctors tell their teams what is going to happen, what changes they are going to make--endless projections, possibilities and promises that are said but never practiced.  It is always about the future with lots of faith and passionate fire but little follow through.


It is not about where you have been or where you are going… it all about what you are doing right now!


Team members that live in the now choose not to live in the past with all the reminders of the so-called “good old days”.

 How do you know if you are in the now? You forgive others quickly, own mistakes, take personal initiative, speak well of others, and require very little recognition or supervision.


The most valued team members are those who are fully in the moment-- not those who are in the mood!


If you are looking to the past for motivation, inspiration or accreditation--good luck. The past is nothing more than a classroom so learn and move on. The somedays are passing you by very quickly as you continue to think about what you are going to do. “Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow” might be great for a musical but not for maintaining high levels of momentum in the mundane workplace.


Here are my 3 keys to living in the N.O.W.:

  1. Normality is the enemy of innovation. Be the new normal! Don’t be defined by what use to be or what might be. See the need and meet it.
  2. Overcome what overcomes you. All you have is right now. Stop giving yourself permission to procrastinate, live passively, or wait for perfection.
  3. Wealth is access not assets. To live in the present is to know and experience true wealth. The most expensive cost in the office is to live in the past or too far into the future.


One last thing… Please don’t misunderstand my enthusiasm for living in the now. I know there are people who are so present-minded that they do not plan for their future or those who never consider the cost to others or themselves for the choices of their past.

However, please consider the time and money that is lost simply because people avoid the right now.

Stop looking back. Be the change you seek. Celebrate this moment.


Wealth is in your NOW!

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